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Friday, March 25, 2005

Score One for Our Northern Neighbor

On Thursday, the Canadian government formally denied refugee status to U.S Army deserter Jeremy Hinzman. I'm not going to waste my time rehashing the details of the case; this CNN article does the trick.

While I outright commend the Canadian government for stepping out of their retrenched liberalism in this case, "ambivalence" is the best word to describe my feelings towards Hinzman and his slack-jawed coterie. As someone who served a year in Iraq, part of me wants to sympathize with him, console him, mutter "Bro, I'm feelin ya...", and maybe even fluff his pillow, while the other half of me wants to throw his candy ass to the ground and berate him endlessly for being such a worthlesscowardwhodoesn'tdeservethefuckingairhebreaths. Through Hegel's dialectics; however, my extreme emotions work themselves into rational thoughts:

Hinzman, you and your bunch enlisted willingly and knowingly what the Army is all about--fighting America's wars when America says so. It doesn't mean becoming a mindless drone and blindly supporting your president, it means recognizing that in a democracy soldiers go where their country sends them and sacrifice as needed.

If the military consisted of democratic processes, military operations--even ones that Democrats might support!--would become dead on arrival. That is why soldiers are not given the chance to decide if they want to join their comrades in going to war or not--they already made that decision at the enlistment office. Thank you, Canada, for this proper verdict. Maybe Bill O'Reilly's boycotts are more threatening than I thought...


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