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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Putting the Liberal in Liberal Arts

Not that more argument is needed to prove the overwhelming liberal bias of today's universities, but the severity of the institutionalized problem never ceases to amaze and amuse me. Here is an account of a visiting professor from Europe and his ventures in America's universities. Piggybacking on the hilarity of Ward Churchill, this syllabus(!) of Professor Christensen from North Carolina Wesleyan College is as hilarious as it is horrific. With such objective links as "Support the Anti-War Movement," it's hard to discern the difference between her page and some left-of-Stalin crackpot messing around with HTML. Montclair English Professor Grover Furr demonstrates his non-partisanship with his Politics page which is listed as a course resouce--I'll bet you didn't know being an English Professor makes you a qualified expert in politics as well. As you might expect, liberal indoctrination makes quite an impact on students, as evidenced by the civility and grace liberals show conservative speakers on campus. The all-too-common-liberal mantra of "Free speech for me but not for thee" seems to motivate some liberals to do whatever they can to shutdown a speaker who has the gall to possess an opposing viewpoint *gasp*. It's kind of sad really. I saw notable communist/revisionist historian Howard Zinn speak at Rutgers last summer and the crowd was as docile as the victims of Saddam's chemical weapons attack in '88. Students even spoke only when they were supposed to, but of course every question was a softball; every comment a compliment. Sigh...


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