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Friday, April 08, 2005

Response to "A Response to the CRepug's Ramblings about Academia"

Thank you for the intellectual superiority and civility you demonstrated by including the word “CRepug” in your response. Not only should you give yourself kudos for possessing such wit but also for your service in elevating collegiate political discourse. While I applaud your disarming humor, your response leaves me begging for a response to what I actually wrote.
Your informative blog about how UD receives its money was greatly appreciated, but that has nothing to do with what goes on inside the classroom at universities, and my argument for liberal bias was not focused on UD. Funny, I didn't even mention UD in my post. Anyway...

You did a great job of proving the liberal argument against academia as weak--basically you closed your eyes and said “I don’t see any proof.” The old “I don’t believe it so it can’t possibly be true” mantra is not only close-minded but it does a disservice to anyone who reads your blog. Come with some cold hard facts. Show me the webpage of a conservative Professor who can balance this and this. Show me conservative students acting as narrow-minded as radical liberals on campus and pieing speakers they don’t agree with--the latest incident, ironically, the day I made my post about liberalism in universities.
Tell me how it’s not liberal indoctrination “when a midterm examination contains a required essay on the topic, ‘Make the argument that the military action of the U.S. attacking Iraq was criminal.’” A criminology exam at the University of Northern Colorado did just that. Show me how liberal bias at universities isn’t a problem “when a professor of property law tells his class that the "R" in Republican stands for "racist," and devotes an entire class hour to explaining why Americans deserved to die on 9/11. But that happened at the Colorado University Law School.” And show me the benefit to one’s education “when professors try to get their students to vote against President Bush or to demonstrate against the war in Iraq.” All those incidents are mentioned in this USAToday article. Show me how liberal indoctrination isn't widespread when many similiar incidents have been reported by students here. Or, for comedic value, just tell me everyone of those incidents is hearsay.

More later...

Ed. note- for the links to work, manually delete all of the URL until you get to the 2nd "http://". I don't know whats up with that.


  • At 11:45 AM, Blogger delacrat said…

    I guess you missed my point. The point of explaining and following the money was introduced by the statement "If political ideology can take over a school, then let me tell you about UD and conservative interests."

    Of course you did not bring up UD in your original post, because UD is a bad example for your argument. Hence why I brought it up.

    Additionally, I never "closed my eyes" to your argument -- I challenged you guys to give me some proof that was backed up, not opinion pieces or self-named conservative papers. If these links worked, then I could asses whether you guys have done the job I challenged.

    Anyway, even if you present a handful of good cases with solid evidence, will those few cases be a reason for calling this a "widespread" problem? Will they be grounds for changing university policies at all institutions? What about envoking the government? Maybe getting Congress involved?

    To clarify - I'll grant you guys the point that some professors are bias -- but that's not horrible. It gets out of hand when they try to have students working for their causes (for example, of campaign work, or such things). Of course that is wrong.

    However, answering questions on an exam about challenging subjects I don't see a problem with. There are of course arguments for why the Iraq invasion was criminal -- just as there arguments about why it was not.

    So again, show me fact instead of mere opinion that this is some widespread problem across the nation.

    Shall I bring up Liberty University? How about the new law school?

  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger St. Joan of Arc said…

    That would be TWO schools. This isn't something to get Congress into; it's something to work against.

    Enter: the Conservative Activist. Coming to a college or university near you.

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger spence0422 said…

    Here is how to view the links in James's post:(example)

    delete this: .pyra?url=/%e2%80%9d

    keep this torials/2005-03-23-horowitz-edit_x.htm

    delete this:

    on all of the links you need to delete the stuff up to the second http:// THEN delete the jumble after the address seems to have ended, look for htm or other common endings, then delete the rest, hope this helps


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