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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Saddam Hussein, terrorist?

Amidst news of Zarqawi's near capture, information relating to when he entered Iraq--May 2002--has resurged. During that month, Zaraqwi fled Afghanistan for Iraq in hopes of sound medical treatment. Opponents of the Iraq War parade around the "fact" that Saddam had no links with al-Queda. Why does the media totally gloss over the fact that Saddam harbored one of Osama's closest lieutenants? Why do we still live with the myth that Saddam had no links to al-Queda? Are we expected to believe that--even with Saddam's four intelligence organizations operating around the clock--Saddam had no knowledge of Zarqawi's presence in his capital city?

In my opinion, there are intellectual arguments against the war; however, to say Saddam didn't harbor terrorists or that he played no role in terror is simply inconsistent with the facts. Saddam harbored known terrorists that killed Americans. He funded Palestinian suicide bombers, which greatly inflamed the Arab-Israeli conflict, a main source of Arab anger against the United States. And, of course, Saddam harbored Zaraqawi, whose hands have almost as much American blood on them as his boss', Osama. Oppose the war because you don't feel American lives are worth an Iraqi democracy, but to oppose the war thinking Saddam wasn't an international terrorist with links to al-Queda, you're simply not seeing the facts.


  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    The problem with the Zarqawi-Saddam-Al Qaeda link is one of timing and connection. In a tape that came out before the Iraqi elections, Bin Laden said, "We, in al Qaeda organization, welcome him joining forces with us..." ( This implies that Zarqawi was previously acting in a manner INDEPENDENT of the Al Qaeda organization prior to the US invasion.

    I'm not implying that he was not a terrorist or that Saddam didn't have weak links to known terrorists, but the conclusive link to Al-Qaeda prior to the invasion remains unconvincing. Certainly a more severe case could be made for countries such as Iran, Pakistan (before their change of heart) and others. Unfortunately, Bush's tunnel vision was so great that we've been stuck stabilizing Iraq while other (more serious) problems continue to fester.


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