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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

An enumeration of our plan in Iraq

Check out this link to an article in the Financial Times (UK)
It points out a few things that are part of the plan for winning in Iraq and bringing our guys home. In order to diffuse the perception of occupation, the MNF and Iraqis are working on a report that will specify where Iraqi troops and police can take over, and where we are still needed. I believe I read something that said that the report will be submitted in September. The idea is to remove MNF forces from the 14 peaceful provinces (which is already beginning in the South, the 3 Kurdish provinces and parts of Baghdad, Haifia St. in particular), and concentrate on the 4 provinces where the insurgency is strong. Doing that will allow us to significantly draw down forces, and place specialized units into the toughest town (i.e. no more Jessica Lynchs driving through Al-Anbar) This is of course reliant upon continued progress on the political front (constitution, Sunni participation in Dec elections). {see my posts below}


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