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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

LaTimes tells of media confusion, incorrect reporting during Katrina

With reports coming out of New Orleans of a much lower death toll, and the lies about total chaos in the Convention center, Superdome and streets of NO being exposed, the MSM + Fox (main stream media, networks plus latimes, washpost and nytimes) is beginning to realized how badly it screwed up. Turns out my giving the media some blame was justified after all, so HA to those of you who said it was the same old right wing tactic. The 24-hour news cycles fed upon these unsubstantiated rumors, turning them into fact. This led to people believing that the situation was more desperate than it was, and that people's immediate security was at risk, when in reality they just lacked food, water and medicine. (Which tends to happen when your city leaves you behind for a Cat4 hurricane) I hope other MSM outlets come out and apologize like the LaTimes is doing.


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