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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NYTimes shows the wrong mentality of the left

Sub lead/headline from the Nytimes for Delay's indictment:
"Republicans are dealing with a string of ethical issues along with Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and hopeful Democrats."
The only substantial issue from this link not related to death and destruction is the ethical issues. Listing these three thing right in front of Hopeful Democrats shows the I-hope-Bush-fails mentality that drives the left's conception of victory. If Bush fails in Iraq, ie more violence and faltering democracy, Dems win. If body count and scale of disaster up in hurricane areas, Bush loses and Dems win. Essentially the NYTimes is correlating death and destruction to victory for the Democrats. Does that make sense to anyone. That defeatest tone leaves many people disgusted with the left, and they arent going to win elections with such negativity. Clinton won by saying we can do better, and here is how. I havent seen that yet, and dont expect to.


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    If the Democrats can find a strong leader to rally around, I think we will see a message of hope for a better tomorrow come through. Right now, I think the Dems are just kind of lying in wait and letting the current leadership self-destruct. I wouldn't necessarily account any one of the factors the NY Times listed to the Dems hopefulness; rather, I think we see that the American people are rejecting the "mandate" Bush believed he had, and that they are finally seeing this administration the way many Democratic loyalist have seen it all along. If they/we are able to transform this into a positive message come election time, as I hope will occur, we may see a mirror image to 1994 come November 2006.

  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger spence0422 said…

    I agree, the GOP needs to gets its act together before someone smart pipes up on the Dem side, or we could be in for a real shalacking (sp?) in 2006. But they have to have a positive message and a similar, easy to understand contract with America type plan. Whichever side comes out with one first is going to do best in 06 and 08. Voters like clarity


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