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Friday, October 14, 2005

Iraq, an update

Its 12pm Eastern here in Newark, DE, and voting will being in Iraq in about another 12 hours. Infact, yesterday it started by allowing prisoners who have not been convicted of a crime an opportuiny to vote, including Saddam. Turn on your tv's tomorrow to watch the Iraqi people vote in their second election in 9 months, courtesy of our men and women in uniform. Below are three articles from todays papers and web that put all of this in perspesctive:

This one tells of Iraqi troops and their American trainers kicking some ass in Tal Afar, written by an American soldier

This one provides a clear look at the overall situation of training Iraqi soldiers, which is the critical factor for final victory

This last one discusses the pessimism present in America about the war, and dimisses those worries with an articulate analysis. Below is my favorite paragraph from this piece:

Finally, we need to be systematic in our appraisal of the course of this war, asking not just whether the United States is more popular and better liked, but rather whether Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt are moving in the right or wrong direction. Is Europe more or less attuned to the dangers of radical Islam, and more or less likely to work with the United States? Is the Israeli-Palestinian dispute getting worse or stabilizing? Is our security at home getting better, and do we understand radical Islam more or less perfectly? Are Middle East neutrals like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan more or less helpful in the war against the terrorists? Are global powers like India and Japan more or less inclined to America? And are clear-cut enemies such as Iran and Syria becoming more or less emboldened or facing ostracism?

'nuff said


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