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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ignoring Economics

A very interesting article. Sowell uses some clever analogies when explaining the misunderstandings that people have about economics.

From the article:
"Liberals especially tend to think up all sorts of good things we want -- a "living wage," "affordable housing," "universal health care," and an ever-expanding wish-list of things that everyone should receive as "rights" -- with little or no awareness of the economic repercussions of turning that wish list into laws."

Here is the link:


  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    To be honest, a good deal of "voodoo economics" goes on from both sides of the aisle. Republicans as of late (some, not all, but the Bush administration in particular) seems to be under the illusion that you can continually increase spending AND cutting taxes without any real reprecussions.

    Concerning various social programs, many who advocate for them do realize the costs, but feel that government has a proper role in protecting its citizens from the shortfalls that occur with capitalism. In fact, most would agree there is some proper role for the government; the debate is really to what degree they should act in such cases - how much help can they provide before they do more harm than good? The fact that there is no real "socialist" party or any party that advocates "social darwin" capitalism is indicative of the realization that the best solution is somewhere in between.

    If both parties could realize that they are not really that far off from eachother, perhaps they could work together a little better and find compromise solutions to some of the problems the more extreme solutions criticized in this piece presents.


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