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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Political Correctness Gone Wild

Scott Norvell at
A Florida company is being sued because employees put a noose near a wastebasket at the back of one of its warehouses, reports the News-Press.

A black former employee of Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings in Ft. Myers is suing the company, claiming the noose stunned and humiliated him because it is a symbol of the decades of lynchings that plagued the South after the Civil War.

The company says the noose was hung months or maybe a year before the employee went to work there and was part of a joke they shared about committing suicide and "taking the easy way out" when their jobs got too rough.

UPDATE: Another Example (from GOPBloggers)
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) - Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA is guilty of sex discrimination by showing only men putting together furniture in its instruction manuals, Norway's prime minister says.
IKEA, which has more than 200 stores in 32 nations, fears it might offend Muslims by depicting women assembling everything from cupboards to beds. Its manuals show only men or cartoon figures whose sex is unclear.

Jonathan R. over at GOPBloggers has the astute obsevation of: "Arabs are slaughtering blacks by the hundreds of thousands in Sudan, according to the UN, and these Western louts are concerned with which group is more deserving of their politically correct right to not be offended."


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