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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Big Government" failed us again

You know, the American people amaze me everyday when tragedy's like Katrina take place. Walmart had more than 32 big rigs prepared to help 24 hours before the hurricane even hit, Budwiser sent its big rigs full of water... Rental properties have been donated to shelter evacuees, big rigs have been donated (at a large expense) for donated supplies to reach the Gulf region, and the countless volunteers from across the United States and other countries as well to take part in the relief efforts. The private corporations and private citizens proved to be spectacular given the situation.

However, it was mainly "big government organizations" that failed us in many regards. FEMA is one of those such big government organizations, big beauracracy that failed to get the job done. In fact, when those walmart trucks arrived, someone from FEMA said they weren't needed (but then again i heard that on the news so you can't trust that notion completely).

For years, conservatives like myself have railed against big government and big beauracracy for years to no avail. In our arguments for tax cuts we said "You can spend your money wiser than the government." This, is a perfect example. Also, in the race for Governor in New Jersey, Conservative Republicans note that the you could have a 30% decrease in property taxes, if you simply eliminated Government waste, pay-to-play, and made it more efficient.

A long term solution to fixing these problems is to do just that: eliminate big government waste, eliminating a large amount of big government organizations that serve no "real" purpose, except drain our tax revenues, and the creation of privately run organizations that can participate in bidding for government contracts so efforts are done efficiently, and are also done by professionals. Then again, conservatives like myself have been saying this for years...

As I recall it was the Democrats who put their faith in FEMA, the Democrats who put their faith in big government, and the Democrats who wished to continue such organizations and grow them by leaps and bounds. How ironic that now they attempt to blame such organizations for their faults as well.

Who knows, maybe they'll join me and support eliminating such useless government organizations? I doubt it. Liberal Democrats rail against conservatives and Republicans to no end, if only for the sake of going against them (albeit with no platform at all, or without any solutions whatsoever).


  • At 6:07 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    Should we just blame the organizations, or should we perhaps look at the management of them? Should we question why President Bush appointed a former employee of the International Arabian Horse Association who lied about his emergency response experiance on his resumé?

    Kudos go out to the private businesses and individuals who did so much to help when the leadership at all levels of government were failing. Certainly in the rebuilding, some free-market soultions will be useful. However, businesses aren't going to house those hundreds of thousands left homeless and unemployed. There is a necessary role for government in this as well.

    Finally, though I shouldn't dignify the comment about the Democrats with a response, I'm tired of seeing this absurd myth printed as though it were fact. Perhaps if Republicans would actually start listening to Democrats once in a while, they would realize that they DO have ideas and platforms. Read their website sometime. Kerry put out a whole book during his campaign, and yet this myth prevailed because he couldn't articulate it in 2 min sound bytes.

  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger St. Joan of Arc said…

    I heard a report two days ago that the reason that Bush wanted to federalize the rescue effort, but Rove and etc. kept telling him not to because they were afraid of the political backlash of a republican male president telling a democrat female governor that she doesn't know what she's doing.

    If this is true, then Rove makes me more angry than he used to, and the PC environment that we live in extended the suffering of an entire city.

    - -

    As for Republicans listening to Democrats, try again. What would be the point in that when the dems aren't the ones that elected them? Republicans need to start listening to the conservative base that put them into office rather than pandering to the Democrats out of some irrational fear that they will lose their office when their seat is completely safe.

  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    The last paragraph seems a little....well...scary. The last elections have all been very close, with swing voters putting the current leadership into office (or in the case of 2000, a few people in Florida who could not figure out the ballot and the Supreme Court). The swing voters, according to polls, have now swung completely against the current Bush path. It would be wrong of me to hope he contines down it simply because that would mean a Democratic victory, because I believe his actions are hurting the country. Thus, I would encourage him and other Republicans to start governing ALL of America as opposed to just the radical right wing, who will ultimatly support them anyway.

  • At 1:29 AM, Blogger St. Joan of Arc said…

    Ok - so we should pander to radical left-wingers like John Kerry and Hillary Rodham?

    Before you said listen to the dems, now it's listen to the swing voters (polls mean nothing, by the way, remember 2000? and the first half of the day in 2004?). Which is it?

    Bush isn't running for re-election, by the way, so it's not a huge deal if swing voters don't like him because they won't be voting for him. It's a bigger deal that he's betrayed his conservative (oh, I'm sorry, radical right-wing) base. That will hurt the party in the long run.

    I think your point is that they should just not listen to their own party. It seems that the Dems might need to take a bit of that advice, as they seem to have lost control of all branches of the federal government. Republicans ARE governing all of America.

    I don't remember hearing this when Clinton was in office. What I do remember, and have since studied, is a concerted effort on the right to organize and take back the federal government. Seems to have worked. Perhaps the Democrats should work on winning seats rather than trying to get the Republicans to do what the Dems want to do.


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