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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Democratic Governor R.A. Minner's Approval ratings are lower than Republican President G.W. Bush.

Just goes to show, that while the President has had many turbulent events take place in the past year, such as killer hurricanes, Iraq elections, and 2 SCOTUS nominees to boot, ordinary citizens just don't trust Democrats these days.

Other than the prison debacle, Minner has had little or nothing to do but take long naps in the governor's mansion. Even with all of the problems associated with it, she's done nothing, and taken no action. Disapproval ratings are at 57%, Approval ratings are way below Bush's at 39%.

The difference in the ratings is leadership. The people of Delaware can now recognize, that under Democratic leadership for the past 5 years under Minner, there's been the no-smoking bill (that was proposed by Republican Bob Valihura- which Minner only clung to after seeing it was popular) and nothing else.

If you look at the prison issue problems, the DELDOT crisis, the budget crisis... with Minner, Markell and Carney sitting on the sidelines doing absolutely nothing, it's no wonder people in Delaware want a change.


  • At 1:22 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    It is an interesting statistic, but I think you draw way too many conclusions from it. For one thing, Bush is polling even lower in the state of Delaware than Minner, at 33% approval and a whopping 65% disapproval. Minner is sitting at 39% approval and 57% disapproval. I think your wording on this matter is rather misleading, but I'll assume it was just not well thought out; nevertheless, she is still polling ahead of Bush, albeit slightly. Moreover, both of our statewide Democratic Senators are polling quite well, sitting significantly above 50% approval (with Carper, who faces reelection in '06, polling 63% approval).

    So where is your proof that "ordinary citizens just don't trust Democrats these days."?? They have trouble with Minner right now, to be sure; she has always polled significantly lower than other statewide Democratic officials, and has esentially been a lame duck this term since election day. Nevertheless, I would not consider her numbers to be indicitive that "people in Delaware want a change." Lt. Gov. Carney won reelection with a huge margin in 2004, winning in all three counties, and Markell will probably do the same in 2006, just as he did in 2002.

    Though I understand that Republicans may be looking for a silver lining right now, given the collapse of national support, I don't think our moderate little blue state is the place to turn. At least you guys still have Texas, right? Oh wait, Bush is polling 42% approve 54% dissaprove there as well. The American people as a whole have lost faith in one of the parties, but it doesn't seem to me to be the Democrats....

  • At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Mike M. said…

    The difference is liberals and conservatives in DE both despise Minner. Conservatives continue to be lapdogs to the shit this Bush administration shovels in out faces. I can't stand either Bush or Minner. They'd make a cute odd couple. Complete failures at what they do.

  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger DERepublican said…

    Lol Mike...

    The point of the article was this: People don't trust Democrats to lead.

    We all know Bush's approval numbers are low; please tell me something new for a change.

    What's getting on my nerves is when Democrats point to Bush's low numbers and say "see, the People want us to lead, they like our agenda."

    However, it still remains that the people have not accepted the Democrats' agenda: they didn't accept it in the 2004 elections, and they still aren't accepting their radical agenda of "I'm against it" today.

  • At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the "radical" agendas of liberals are the agendas of tomorrow. that has always been the case throughout history. conservatives call them radicals while trying to claim the ideas as their own a generation later. the only problem liberals have is that they are far-sighted. they think about the future. you know - like iraq. i believe democrats feared this might be the situation in iraq. however, republicans cried "traitor" to any american who had a brain powerful enough to think of consequences. the republican party is only successful in this country because of the nation's overall stupidity.... which can be attributed to the Republicans as well because conservatives enjoy to cut spending on education... no child left behind is code for "no rich, white, republican's child will go to public school."

    repbublicans keep their support through a campaign of stupidity. however, the "liberal media" seems to be educating the nation enough to show them what idiots the republican leaders really are. approval ratings, no matter how you may try to spin them, do not lie. I think it is interesting that you tried to compare the national approval ratings of bush to the statewide approval ratings of Minner. perhaps someone missed a few days of statistical analysis??? or maybe you attended that class with th right-wing spin????


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