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Monday, March 14, 2005

Freedom Demonstrations

Something amazing is happening in Lebanon! Thousands of people (approximately 800,000) are demonstrating in the streets! Of course they've been dying to do so (literally) for the past 30 years while under Syrian Military occupation. It's things like the Syrian occupation that just make me cringe when our young men and women have worked so hard in both Afghanistan and Iraq to bring freedom and Democracy, and there are a few who will say that America is the country of occupiers, and not liberators (for those of you who remember my man Zell Miller's flamboyant speech at the RNC in NYC).

It's leading many Democrats to say "Maybe Bush was Right?" Politics and BS aside, it's a wonderful thing that those oppressed for so many years finally have the courage to step up and say "I want my country back, I want freedom!" Many are saying, and I think it's right to speculate that a reason why the Lebanese finally feel they can stand up and say "stop the occupation of our country" to Syria, is because of Bush's Middle East Policy to spread Democracy.

It's interesting that these developents have occured just around a month after Bush's inauguration speech where he spent a good deal of time talking about spreading Democracy. Is it just a coincidence? Just like the improving economy is a "coincidence"? or In the same way that we haven't been attacked again since 9/11 is simple a coincidence? I think it's time that Democrats, start giving President Bush his due.

It's events like this demonstration in Lebanon that History will remember. It's a shame however, that Democrats are continuing to be on the wrong side of history. Anytime I look at it, beyond a radical few in Iraq- the vast majority of the population are happy we're there, and belive what we're doing is noble and just. However, I just have to say that there are those who, and it just so happens that 95+% of them are Democrats, that are on the complete wrong side of this issue and continue to blatantly bastardize our young men and women. It's wrong, and sick. One would think that when they first attempted to politicize the war, and saw that it wasn't flying with the American public and was in fact- actually hurting our troops abroad- they'd change their ways.

They attempt to say that they're just trying to be patriotic? The Tories in the American War for Independence weren't patriotic in the least bit: they would aid and abet the enemy- even take up arms with the British and watch their neighbors homes burn. The actions of the many liberal democrats these days are aiding and abetting the enemy, just like John Kerry aided and abetted the North Vietnamese while we were trying to secure the release of our POW's. One thing is for sure: aiding and abetting the enemy by continue to hinder the war effort, and the attempt to bring Democracy to the Middle East IS NOT a form of patriotism or love of liberty and freedom...


  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger Ryan S. said…

    Maybe they're too scared to say so, but there is a response to this post over at the College Democrats Blog (click on the link under Blogroll).

  • At 9:09 PM, Blogger yochanan said…

    look at the difference between the moonbat leftist demos and the freedom demo in lebanon. How come the women in the Lebanese demo's look so .... and the moonbats look so wired.


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