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Sunday, May 15, 2005

This College Republican is optimistic about the party

One of our state officers, Audrey Dandoy, recently had a letter published in The News Journal.
Here is her letter (and I think all of us here at RW&BH would agree with her):
As an active College Republican at the University of Delaware who donated a huge amount of time to Delaware Republican campaigns last fall, I experienced Republican values firsthand during the campaign -- a vastly different picture from that presented in the recent Community View column, "A College Republican confesses."

President Bush's record during his first term is honorable. Bush did not ignore critical issues, but rather faced them head-on despite strong opposition. He cut taxes across the board to help stimulate the economy. He created a prescription drug benefit plan, and put money into promising fuel cell research while searching for ways to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Bush made one of the hardest decisions a president has to make, taking us to war in order to protect the American people and prevent another attack like that on Sept. 11, 2001.

Republicans in Congress do not like budget deficits any more than I do. But while Democrats in Congress are blocking healthy debate, it will be tough to get rid of decades' worth of ineffective programs and restore fiscal discipline.

Republicans are a party of optimists whose primary interest is in bettering our country. We are not afraid to stand on our principles.

Our party's beliefs are far from uniform. The Republican Party embraces people from all walks of life who have a wide range of opinions. I am proud of the diversity of the Delaware Republican Party and the open debate it creates.

Audrey Dandoy, Executive director, College Republicans, Newark


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