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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beyond the Headlines: Clinton Stumps for Blair; Smacks Bush

You may have heard that former President Clinton spoke at a Labour Party meeting, even though the White House has said that the election if for the British people to decide. Well not only did Clinton urge Brits to vote Blair, but he did it by slapping the current President in the face.
Appearing on a giant screen at a Labour Party meeting in London, the former Democrat leader warned that when a country has "a progressive government in power, our people get a little easily disillusioned."

"They don't like this policy or that policy. They sometimes fall into the trap of thinking it doesn't matter and there are no consequences."

"But if you believe that look at the difference in the US between now and four years ago."

Having read Ari Fleischer's book, I know that the Bush White House has an official policy of not blaming (Bill) Clinton for anything. Why the stab in the back? This isn't the first time he's done it either. Is it becuase he had to sleep on the floor? Or is he setting up his robot master wife for 2008?


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