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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bush 7, Axis of Weasels 1

Chris Christener:
Is it OK to gloat now?

Since President Bush was elected, a favorite criticism from Democrats and other liberals in this country has been that we're hated by the rest of the world because we've got this go-it-alone, simplisme cowboy running our country. Enlightened socialist leaders (particularly those in France, Germany, and Spain--aka The Axis of Weasels) have delighted in trash-talking the US and Bush while doing their best to undermine the War on Terror.

Now it's time to evaluate what their nuanced strategy has accomplished:

Elections resulting in a Bush win

* John Howard re-elected for an historic fourth term in 2004
* Hamid Karzai elected in 2004 in Afghanistan's first democratic election
* George Bush re-elected in 2004 in an election that leaves Republicans in control of Congress, the Senate, most state governorships, and with an excellent chance to reshape the Supreme Court
* Iraq holds first democratic election in its history in 2005
* Tony Blair re-elected for an historic third term in 2005
* Junichiro Koizumi and his LDP party in 2005 win a landslide mandate
* Angela Merkel defeats Gerhard Schroeder today and thus one of the back-stabbing, America-bashing members of the Axis of Weasels goes down to defeat!

Elections resulting in an Axis of Weasels win

* Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero wins election as Spanish voters capitulate to Al-Qaeda
* I think that's it for the weasels... Oh wait, there was that vote for the E.U. constitution that Chirac wanted to win so badly--well actually the weasels lost that one too. But, hey, at least Chirac's still in office. . .for now.


  • At 1:53 AM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    I think its kind of naive and borderline silly to link how the people of a nation vote to American foreign policy. Blair won reelection in large part due to his domestic policies (which are much closer to the Dems than the Republicans); many of these other leaders undoubtedly have as well. There are ways of defending Bush and his "spread of democracy," but this one is just too much of a stretch, not to mention what will happen in Germany is still rather unclear. Its all up to whoever can form a coaltion. Even if Merkel pulls it out, however, to call it a "Bush win" would still be incredibly far fetched.

  • At 3:27 AM, Blogger St. Joan of Arc said…

    I kind of have to agree with mike on this one.

    On Blair, however, he did lose a lot of seats in the recent elections because of his domestic politics - mostly his policies on immigration. His policies are actually more socialist than the dems (think ted kennedy, not tom carper).

    Merkel's 3 seat win may be enough to give her power, but either way it shows that the Germans are at least beginning to realize that the hard-left policies of the SPD are the main cause of unemployment, and that being friends with the US is a positive thing (can kind of be construed as a Bush win?). Although Merkel is still not what I would call "right-wing" (she's kind of like McKain - I suppose that's Tom Tancredo for Germany), it's a step.

    My favorite right-wing win? Norway.


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