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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chicago Tribune: Bush Didn't Lie

Very good editorial, and not just because I agree with it. The Tribune set out to present a look at the nine arguments for war, and they came up with this:
After reassessing the administration's nine arguments for war, we do not see the conspiracy to mislead that many critics allege. Example: The accusation that Bush lied about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs overlooks years of global intelligence warnings that, by February 2003, had convinced even French President Jacques Chirac of "the probable possession of weapons of mass destruction by an uncontrollable country, Iraq." We also know that, as early as 1997, U.S. intel agencies began repeatedly warning the Clinton White House that Iraq, with fissile material from a foreign source, could have a crude nuclear bomb within a year.
Read the whole thing (free link).

Friday, December 23, 2005

X-mas fun

This will put you in the christmas spirit!! HAHA
Caution: Not suitable for kids

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I dare Democrats...

To Cross This Woman.

Both Amazing... and incredibly hillarious (her frankness rocks).

John Kerry... Howard Dean... where art thou now?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iraq Votes Again

Here is a reminder of why I am a proud supporter of the war in Iraq:

From a story reported last year in the Daily Star of Beirut:

''They called all the prisoners out to the courtyard for what they called a 'celebration.' " The speaker is Ibrahim al-Idrissi, head of the Association for Free Prisoners, an organization that documents the deaths of Iraqi political prisoners under the former regime. He is recalling a day in 1982 at a prison in Baghdad.

''We all knew what they meant by 'celebration.' All the prisoners were chained to a pipe that ran the length of the courtyard wall. One prisoner, Amer al-Tikriti, was called out. They said if he didn't tell them everything they wanted to know, they would show him torture like he had never seen. He merely told them he would show them patience like they had never seen.

''This is when they brought out his wife, who was five months pregnant. One of the guards said that if he refused to talk he would get 12 guards to rape his wife until she lost the baby. Amer said nothing. So they did. We were forced to watch. Whenever one of us cast down his eyes, they would beat us."

''Amer's wife didn't lose the baby. So the guard took a knife, cut her belly open and took the baby out with his hands. The woman and child died minutes later. Then the guard used the same knife to cut Amer's throat."

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

This is quite a stretch, even for the Md. democratic party

From a Baltimore Sun article on Anthony Brown, who is running for Maryland's lieutenant governor on a ticket with Martin O'Malley:

He chose a partner who reflects some of the diversity of Maryland. Brown is the product of the marriage between a Cuban father raised in Jamaica and a Swiss mother.

"It does not hurt that he is an African-American," [Rep. Elijah] Cummings said. "African-Americans in the Democratic Party want to see somebody on that level representing them, coming from that community."

OK, here's a trivia question. Which of the following countries is in Africa?

a. Cuba
b. Jamaica
c. Switzerland

Actually, as far as I know, the answer is d. none of the above.

Hat Tip: Best of the Web Today

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Interesting Report From Iraq

FALLUJA/RAMADI Iraq (Reuters) -
Saddam Hussein loyalists who violently opposed January elections have made an about-face as Thursday's polls near, urging fellow Sunni Arabs to vote and warning al Qaeda militants not to attack.

In a move unthinkable in the bloody run-up to the last election, guerrillas in the western insurgent heartland of Anbar province say they are even prepared to protect voting stations from fighters loyal to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in

This too:
But Saddam loyalists have turned against Zarqawi, a Jordanian militant whose fighters travel to Iraq from across the Arab world to blow themselves up in a bid to spark sectarian civil war.

"Zarqawi is an American, Israeli and Iranian agent who is trying to keep our country unstable so that the Sunnis will keep facing occupation," said a Baathist insurgent leader who would give his name only as Abu Abdullah.

A Case For Tax Cuts

Why Bush's Tax Cuts are Working,
and to not extend them would be foolish.

Check out The Article by Investor Daily: Supply Side Boom

"For Democrats opposed to the cuts, no argument has been more potent than that tax cuts somehow "cost" the government money — and thus make deficits worse. Snow's chart, shown [to the right], puts the lie to that argument."

"More important, however, is the impact tax cuts have on the economy. Since May 2003, when Bush's major plan of tax cuts on both capital and income took effect, the economy has been on a tear. It's virtually impossible to argue the two aren't linked."

We also hear how all the tax cuts are going to the "rich." Again, not true. A surge in entrepreneurship, jobs, income and wealth has made all of us richer and more secure. As Snow noted in his speech Thursday, 57 million Americans now own stocks — or about half of all households. Yet, the median income for shareholders is a very un-Rockefeller-like $65,000."

The economy is surging, and the budget deficit is now shrinking as a share of GDP. Getting rid of the tax cuts that made all this possible would be the height of folly."

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Why Is It Any of Harry Reid's Business?

Apprently, Senator Lieberman is on the outs with the Democratic Party, according to the New York Times, anyway. That is understandable, given his recent comments on Iraq, when contrasted with what Howard Dean has been saying. But this is what gets me:
Much of the open criticism has been from liberal groups and House members. But his comments have also rankled Democrats in the Senate. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the minority leader, phoned Mr. Lieberman this week to express concerns with his views, Mr. Reid's aide said.

"Senator Reid has a lot of respect for Senator Lieberman," said Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman. "But he feels that Senator Lieberman's position on Iraq is at odds with many Americans."
This isn't a parliamentary system where members can really be held accountable by party leaders for their votes or views. It is insane that any leader in the US would do that to a member of his party.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

No Love Lost

Just a few reasons why I hate Fox News; over at my new blog - politicology.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Who said this?

"And this clearest declaration of their failure came one day after the blessed raid on London when the American and English announced that they have prepared to leave Iraq and everyday they leak to the press a new report on the pullout in order to calm their peoples growing fear and apprehension," he said.

None other than Ayman Al-Zawahiri, 2nd in command of Al-Qaeda. These were his last words of encouragement to his followers, trying to demonstrate weakness in US resolve, and ensuring his gang that we are leaving. Thankfully President Bush isnt going to let that happen. Lets stay and finish the job

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Right Brothers

Check out their new music video demo to their new song "Bush Was Right".... lol absolutely hillarious.

H/T Laurel Zimmer, former state College Republican Chairwoman of Idaho

Friday, December 02, 2005

got schizophrenia?

John Kerry on Iraq in a press conference yesterday:

"We don't need 160,000 people to be doing what we're doing over there. This is not World War II. This is not Korea. This is not Vietnam."