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Friday, March 25, 2005

Score One for Our Northern Neighbor

On Thursday, the Canadian government formally denied refugee status to U.S Army deserter Jeremy Hinzman. I'm not going to waste my time rehashing the details of the case; this CNN article does the trick.

While I outright commend the Canadian government for stepping out of their retrenched liberalism in this case, "ambivalence" is the best word to describe my feelings towards Hinzman and his slack-jawed coterie. As someone who served a year in Iraq, part of me wants to sympathize with him, console him, mutter "Bro, I'm feelin ya...", and maybe even fluff his pillow, while the other half of me wants to throw his candy ass to the ground and berate him endlessly for being such a worthlesscowardwhodoesn'tdeservethefuckingairhebreaths. Through Hegel's dialectics; however, my extreme emotions work themselves into rational thoughts:

Hinzman, you and your bunch enlisted willingly and knowingly what the Army is all about--fighting America's wars when America says so. It doesn't mean becoming a mindless drone and blindly supporting your president, it means recognizing that in a democracy soldiers go where their country sends them and sacrifice as needed.

If the military consisted of democratic processes, military operations--even ones that Democrats might support!--would become dead on arrival. That is why soldiers are not given the chance to decide if they want to join their comrades in going to war or not--they already made that decision at the enlistment office. Thank you, Canada, for this proper verdict. Maybe Bill O'Reilly's boycotts are more threatening than I thought...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Best Way to Help Iraq:

Kill the "insurgents"!!!

Thankfully, our military is doing a great job of putting the rebels out of everyone else's misery.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Court Allows Husband to Starve and Dehydrate Wife

My additions to the thoughts expressed in the College Dems Blog.. (and I actually agree with you guys this time).

yes- Congress has better things to spend its time on and should keep its hands off of issues like this (even though it's not nearly as ridiculous as getting its hands all over baseball), the courts in FL aren't protecting the rights of US citizens, the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, Jeb Bush's hands have been tied, and dubya has no jurisdiction. Thus: we get Congress.

Some facts about Terri:

Between August and November of 1992, Terri was awarded over $1.5 million and Michael won $600,000 in various malpractice settlements and trials.

THEN, he began to claim that she wouldn't want medical treatment and began denying the recommended rehabilitation treatment, posted a DO NOT RESUSCITATE order in Terri's charts, ordered her caretakers to no treat a potentially fatal infection

He also has two children with a woman to whom he becamed engaged in 1997. He has kept her family from seeing her, won't let the shades be open in her room, won't let them play music, she's never had any rehabilitation therapy, and it is debatable whether or not she is in a persistent vegetative state (You can find links to videos of Terri responding to stimuli by going here and clicking "multimedia" in the left column. Also, you can find a timeline of her saga, testimony from hearings, and lots of other information.)

This is the third time he has had her feeding tubes removed. This is not an easy, peaceful way to go. Her stomach will ache in terrible pains. I'm sure all of us have had at least one hangover, right? That feeling in your head the next morning is the result of 6 hours of dehydration. The fluid around your brain has started to dry up.. Before Terri dies, dehydration will dry her stomach and mouth up causing dry heaving with nothing to heave, ulcers, cracking of the skin in her mouth, stomach and esophagus. Her brain will completely dry up. This is truly cruel and unusual punishment; we don't even treat our criminals like this!

Doesn't seem like he cares enough about her existence to be making any decisions about her well-being. This man is horrible.

I don't think this is a Liberals vs. Conservatives Issue; it's just that conservatives have been mobilized by talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity (Glenn Beck even had his listeners pledge $3.5 million to Michael Schiavo if he would divorce her by 1 pm today). I know liberals can't stand these people, but in this case, they've been able to use their reach to bring this to the forefront of the media. Hopefully, it will do some good, and a woman's life will be saved.

Ann Coulter Jealousy

The College Dems seem to be just as infatuated with Ann Coulter as we are.

To My Esteemed College Democrats:
Glad to see that you guys recognize how awesome Ann Coulter is. I also congratulate you on your lack of a sese of humor. I'm sure it comes in handy when rationalizing that Republicans are running the country, and will continue to do so into the next decade.

I have a lot of respect for Ann Coulter, and I'm glad she has the personal strength to exercise her freedom of speech and sidestep the stiffiling "agree with us and get drafted" feminists that so often attack her. She has provided a conservative voice for a women in a world where Hillary Clinton tried to add "SR" after US by socializing health care and giving handouts to everyone but religious groups. She is truely an inspiration to all Americans, but I am sorry that you have to turn to her when you disagree with her, becuase there is simply no one else like her.


P.S. Sorry Tipper Gore never amounted to anything.
P.S.S. We have Michelle Malkin, Karen Hughes, Condoleeza Rice, and Peggy Noonan too.
P.P.S.S. Sorry that Maureen Dowd doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Democrats just can't get it right: Stop Bastardizing our Troops

This is a Direct Call to the Democrats to stop Bastardizing our Troops and is a continuation of A simple Response.

Partisanship and bastardizing the troops are not the same... although that was a good attempt at political spin on your part- you are just completely wrong and take it out of context. Many people were against the war and now support the troops and realize we cannot just pull out of everything now.

However, when during these so called "peace vigils" you hand out Marine applications to all those who walk by saying, "If you support the war-go to Iraq." Doing so implies that all the troops that went over don't want to be there, AND that what they're doing in Iraq- building the country and freeing MILLIONS of people- that those are not amazing accomplishments, AND that they don't deserve every accolade from that heroism they're displaying (including, but not limited to, acknowledging that they're doing an awesome job, that there's significant progress in Iraq, and that what they're doing is in fact impacting the entire Region in a positive way by bringing Hope where it once didn't exist). Rather you work to diminish what it is they are doing in rhetoric that belittles them- YES THAT IS BASTARDIZING!

The College Republicans that stand across from you and wave signs- are not protesting peace- rather they are supporting the troops completely! Not in the way where you say "support the troops- bring them home", because that's not supporting the troops in what they are working to accomplish in the least bit. How is that supporting the troops in what they are doing? How does that- inspire them and help them do their job better? On the contrary, it does not. Supporting the troops- is not just hoping that they come home safely- and I think we can all agree (except of course, the liberal democrats who yelled at me that I should go to Iraq and that they hoped I would die there) that we hope that all the troops return safely after a completed mission. Their job is not done yet - and they need to complete the task- And we need to support them in it.

To say Republicans are against peace is insane- and we all know that comment was made solely for political gain and not out of common sense. Republicans, under Reagan and Bush ended the cold war, the countries of Eastern Europe and that made up former Soviet Bloc are no longer under a dictatorship- struggling in their ever aspect of life. They have freedom- and peace. However, freedom is not free, and peace is bought with a price- not by waving a sign that belittles and in-fact bastardizes our troops.

The Democrats just can't get it right: Another Dose of Logic

In what's becoming a series... this article is a continuation of the Continued Response.
The Democrats just can't get it right, here's another dose of Logic...

The Democrats asked: What is the difference between the Lebanese standing up for freedom- wanting the Syrians to end their occupation and the Iraqis standing up and saying "stop the occupation of our country" to the Bush administration?

First, Are millions of Iraqis saying, "Get out of our country?" I think it's funny (and yet sad) that you're so brainwashed to think that... but absolutely not! Millions of Iraqis went out and voted(that source is from CNN! -or is that not a liberal enough website to be deemed "credible" for you Dem's?). Those that voted actually want us to stay there at the present time because we're a force for good in the world: we're rebuilding the country, the infrastructure: water and power, along with schools and roads, all the while doing everything we can to protect them: the freedom wanting and freedom loving Iraqis, from the few terrorist extremists who want to intimidate them.

The Lebanese saw what has happened in Iraq, how the Iraqis finally got a taste of real freedom and the opportunity to vote. They heard Bush's speech, and when the Syrian's went too far, determined for themselves that enough was enough: finally feeling that it was feasible they'd be successful- if they stood up to the Syrians (and not be killed in mass this time around).

This Article details how Iranians and many other Middle Easterners (could this possible Include the Lebanese?) were "glued to their televisions" and that "underground groups in the middle east indicate that in the days ahead, Iranians will increase their civil disobedience against the radical Islamic regime through strikes and demonstrations. The Lebanese just... don't have TV's and therefore can't watch Bush's speech and get hope from it? That is both ridiculous and naive.

The Syrians have been Occupying Lebanon for over 30 years... 30 years. We Liberated Iraq from Saddam and have transferred power, elections have been held- and the Iraqis want us to remain. It's time to stop being blinded by your liberal ideology and the saddness you must feel after you got your butt kicked this last election, and start facing facts.

The Corruption of Marriage

In my opinion, the corruption is caused by the state, not the sex of the spouses.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gay Marriage & Why It Hurts Marriage

So, if you want to know...I posted it at my blog, becuase it is a follow-up to a response claiming they didn't understand the argument I made. So I made it clearer. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Who's Still Fighting the Vietnam War?

In Response to the Dem's latest blog:

As far as I can tell, the Republicans are the ONLY ones who ever fought the Vietnam War. Your predecessors were content to hand it over to the communists in cowering fear in pretty much the same fashion as you did China.

Also.. I believe it was the democratic candidate in the last election that brought up the Vietnam War in some attempt to portray himself as a war hero.

And upon close examination, it seems that the democrats brought up the issue of Swift boats in their response to DERepublican's Freedom Demonstrations thread, not the Republicans.

Come on, guys.. at least get your stories straight.. even if you fail to grasp truth!

The Democrats just can't get it right: Swift vets and POW's for Truth

This article is a Response to the Democrats and a continuation of A simple Response, defending the Men who served in Vietnam, were prisoners in Vietnam, and were either in the same boat as John Kerry, in the chain of command he was under, or POW's in Vietnam who were affected by his actions after he fled like a coward.

It is not just a shame, but it's also just plain sick that you are still so bent against the heroes of Vietnam. Note: It is not just the Swift boat veterans for truth... the website is also Swift boat veterans and POWs for truth.

These Same POW's were beaten and tortured in Vietnam while John Kerry met with Vietnamese Leaders while we were still at war. Now- I could have just linked up to the picture of John Kerry that's in the North Vietnamese war memorial as a "North Vietnamese war hero", but I figured it'd be just as good to give you the site that can inform you of anything you want to know regarding this subject. I have talked personally with some swift boat veterans and POW's, including their Leader John O'Neil... you should check out their site- you might learn something ... no- you WILL learn something.

Sometimes to look at the future, you have to look at the past. What did the swift boat veterans have to gain? Are they all flat out lying? Maybe if you investigated them- and heard what they had to say... did a personal interview maybe- then you would have something more to say than "they're not credible.”

Democrats just can't get it right: A continued Response

This is a continued Response attached to the previous Simple Response

It's interesting how after President Ronald Reagan said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," within only a short amount of time- the Berlin wall came down, and the people of Eastern Europe (along w/ the rest of the USSR) are now free. Are you so naive to think that when something's said by the American President in his inaugural speech, it isn't heard by those living destitute lives under occupation and dictatorships? Do you really believe it wasn't inspirational in any way whatsoever to those average non-extremist, non-terrorist, and yes freedom-wanting Middle Easterners?

I'll spell it out for you Hope ( H.... O..... P..... E...) Hope- that is what Bush's inaugural speech spoke of, and it's what the people in Lebanon are beginning to see. They know that when Bush says something- he will back it up with action. That's character, and it is a shame Democrats have not learned the power of hope yet.

Looking For Answers?

I have a board based analysis/answer to what the Democrats (and all secular Leftists) are saying on abortion, gay marriage and Middle East Demcracy. It's over at my blog.

Democrats just can't get it right: a simple Response

Now for any interested individual please check out the Democrat's blog and see what this post is in reference to. First, the Democrat's title is "Illogical and unfounded Misleading statements from the 'College Repugs' " Blog. Let's just see how "illogical we are."

Democrats Just can't get it right: a dose of logic

If you linked to that article I posted, it was a Democrat saying "maybe Bush was right"... if you actually read the article I posted (in context), you may have learned something- it's in there for a reason, no need to double state my reference.

Middle Eastern culture means they do not have the values of freedom, liberty and individualism? That's an illegitimate, ludicrous, and invalid argument- although I've heard it many times from the left.

What ever happened to our Declaration of Independence? Is it so shallow it can only be applied to America? That all men are created equal, and have unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Have you ever talked to a person of Middle Eastern decent, who had barely escaped from the brutal dictatorships there and lived to tell the tale? So much for a person of "tolerance and equality" (especially when you don't think they should have those God-given rights you enjoy)- you don't believe they themselves want to be free?

Liberty and freedom somehow just don't fit into their "culture?"800,000 people are demonstrating in the streets, and yet they don't want liberty? That "value" does not apply to the Middle Easterners, including the Lebanese, and the many Iraqis who danced in the streets after Saddam's statue fell, and then the millions of Iraqis who went to vote with tears in their eyes thinking they'd never see the day? Your argument here is irrelevant.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Freedom Demonstrations

Something amazing is happening in Lebanon! Thousands of people (approximately 800,000) are demonstrating in the streets! Of course they've been dying to do so (literally) for the past 30 years while under Syrian Military occupation. It's things like the Syrian occupation that just make me cringe when our young men and women have worked so hard in both Afghanistan and Iraq to bring freedom and Democracy, and there are a few who will say that America is the country of occupiers, and not liberators (for those of you who remember my man Zell Miller's flamboyant speech at the RNC in NYC).

It's leading many Democrats to say "Maybe Bush was Right?" Politics and BS aside, it's a wonderful thing that those oppressed for so many years finally have the courage to step up and say "I want my country back, I want freedom!" Many are saying, and I think it's right to speculate that a reason why the Lebanese finally feel they can stand up and say "stop the occupation of our country" to Syria, is because of Bush's Middle East Policy to spread Democracy.

It's interesting that these developents have occured just around a month after Bush's inauguration speech where he spent a good deal of time talking about spreading Democracy. Is it just a coincidence? Just like the improving economy is a "coincidence"? or In the same way that we haven't been attacked again since 9/11 is simple a coincidence? I think it's time that Democrats, start giving President Bush his due.

It's events like this demonstration in Lebanon that History will remember. It's a shame however, that Democrats are continuing to be on the wrong side of history. Anytime I look at it, beyond a radical few in Iraq- the vast majority of the population are happy we're there, and belive what we're doing is noble and just. However, I just have to say that there are those who, and it just so happens that 95+% of them are Democrats, that are on the complete wrong side of this issue and continue to blatantly bastardize our young men and women. It's wrong, and sick. One would think that when they first attempted to politicize the war, and saw that it wasn't flying with the American public and was in fact- actually hurting our troops abroad- they'd change their ways.

They attempt to say that they're just trying to be patriotic? The Tories in the American War for Independence weren't patriotic in the least bit: they would aid and abet the enemy- even take up arms with the British and watch their neighbors homes burn. The actions of the many liberal democrats these days are aiding and abetting the enemy, just like John Kerry aided and abetted the North Vietnamese while we were trying to secure the release of our POW's. One thing is for sure: aiding and abetting the enemy by continue to hinder the war effort, and the attempt to bring Democracy to the Middle East IS NOT a form of patriotism or love of liberty and freedom...

Open Letter

Dear College Dems,

Thank you for twisting my words around into your usual liberal talking points. Congratulations: you've once again proven that logic escapes you. Keep going with that.

Oh, and stop generalizing Republicans; I'm a Conservative Republican, dammit. I don't agree with everything Bush does; he's not as conservative as I'd like on many issues. I don't agree with privitazation; It will only delay the inevitable.

And I don't appreciate the absolutely moronic responses to the post below.

Here's an idea: learn comprehension. You all obviously didn't do very well on the verbal part of your SATs.



China Forces US in Tough Spot

Taiwan has been a seperate pseudo-Chinese government since the Maoists took power. In the 1970's, the U.S. moved its official diplomatic position to that of the People's Republic of China, who views Taiwan as a rogue province. The U.S. has promised to defend Taiwan, and has been selling advanced weapon systems to the Taiwanese, while publically touting the "One China," policy, which seems to want to reunite mainland China and Taipei.

Now, through the mostly ceremonial National People's Congress, has announced that it authorizes the use of force to stop Taiwan from reaching independence. This comes after China's president, Hu Jintao, increased China's defense budget by 12.6%.

Because of the U.S.'s close, yet somewhat unofficial, relations with Taiwan, the US could be called upon to defend the democratic island from the Communist mainland. The US military is not ready to fight the largest standing army in the world. The U.S. would not like to see Taiwan fail, because it is democratic, the revenue from arms sales the U.S. receives, and cheap technology manufacturing that Taiwan exports to the U.S.

This will be especially tense since China is hostin the Olympics in 2008, and hopefully China does not become more aggressive to Taiwan. Either way, the U.S. needs to be ready.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Social In-Security

In Ten Common Myths.. Brian Reel discusses the fiction that has overtaken the minds of many Americans regarding the way the economy functions. Consider the logic used by the US government in his illustration regarding the Social Security "lockbox" (i mean "trust fund"):
[Picture] ...a family that borrows money from its retirement fund each year to pay for vacations and expensive dinners. When they finally retire, their retirement fund consists of nothing more than paper IOU's promising to repay the fund.
What would you think about someone that did this? That they're morons? That they need to go back to high school? That the logic bus passed them by? That they deserve what happens to them?

My friends, let me present to you: The United States Government.

You see, rather than use wisdom and deposit the money taken in through social security taxes into the, unfortunately, mythical trust fund, it is placed in the general fund, which allows all surpluses, by Congress, to fund current government programs or to pay down the national debt. The surpluses have been, and will continue to be, spent on programs, regardless of the presence of a deficit or tax cut.

Of course, the Treasury does give bonds to the Social Security Administration to replace the surplus it spends, due to the aging population. However, the SSA must begin to cash out these bonds in 2018 in order to pay out benefits.

So yes, my darling obstructionists, the "money" is there, and we aren't going to run out. Only one small problem: it's in the form of a little piece of paper that the government cannot afford to convert to actual money. Unless we're going to start giving benefits to seniors in the form of little pieces of paper, something must be done to fix this problem.

Something must be done now.

Oh - and send FDR my love.

News Blurbs 3/12

Syria has given the U.N. a timetable for it's complete withdrawl from Lebanon. Excellent, and I hope this results in a democratic Syria. Reverse domino effect at work?

Condoleeza Rice is not ruling out running in 2008. In other bad news, she declared she is "midly pro-choice." Let the Newt 2008 campaign begin!

Bush advisor Karen Hughes is returning to the executive, in the State Department now. And yes, I realize that Washington Post article is biased.

Tony Blair won a big victory for fighting terror in Britain.

Glenn Reynolds echoes Newt Gingrich's call for better immigration.

Canada is giving free heroin to addicts to keep the crime rate down. The Canadian government will supply the heroin at taxpayers expense, and it will be given to adicts who enroll in the initiative. This keeps crime down, but drug use up. Maybe we can buy these drugs from Canada too.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Congressman Petri (R-WI) has been saying it for years, yet many times it fell on deaf ears. The Star Act, which he helped author and has bipartisan support, basically would take federal subsidies to the banking industry and redirect those monies directly to student loans.

The Status Quo right now, is where the Government subsidizes the banking industry, which then directs that money in the form of loans to students. The Government, could save alot of money if it cut the subsidy and loaned that money directly to students. That's the key however: that the money remains in the form of a loan.

As a conservative Republican who has been on alot of governmental programs that benefit the poor ( such as medicaid) in the past I believe it is essential that the Government not give "Hand-outs" to college students who believe it's a right to go to college. This money, I feel, should not be given in the form of grant.

If however, this bill was presented in a way that would increase the amount of federal loans, to help cover the rising cost of education, and if it would increase the amount of people who would be able to qualify for federal direct loans, then i would be in favor of this bill. I've done some research on this in part by reading this article.

Loans, especially College Loans are the perfect "hand up." College Students who haven't had rich parents, like myself, and who aren't getting much of anything from their parents (beyond their love and support which i cherish as I love and respect them very much), can benefit greatly by college loans. College Loans help these students focus on their education, succeed, and then pay back their loans, ear greater personal responsibility and didn't just get a "free ride" on behalf of Uncle Sam and just about every tax payer out there.

President Bush has already, in his budget, requested large increases in the means of Pell grants and Direct Loans. This bill has the potential to eliminate waste, and help more students pay their way through college. This year could end up being the year college students benefit most from govenrment reform. With Social Security personalization looming, and students having the option (you don't have to take the option and can have the government hold your money in a "lock (a.k.a. 'loan-to-the-government') box" if you so desire) and be able to save more of their own money and build a future nest egg for themselves... Students have the opportunity to be VERY successful under Bush's watch.

The Star Act, has the potential to be a very very very awesome bill. However, it also has the potential to be something else: another government "hand out" that creates dependency and the notion that higher education is a "right." If however, it rests on principle, that the notion of higher education in college is not a "right" but is a "responsibility" to be taken seriously and directs the money to students in the form of loans, then i'm confident this will be one of the best Acts passed this legislative session.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Political Correctness Gone Wild

Scott Norvell at
A Florida company is being sued because employees put a noose near a wastebasket at the back of one of its warehouses, reports the News-Press.

A black former employee of Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings in Ft. Myers is suing the company, claiming the noose stunned and humiliated him because it is a symbol of the decades of lynchings that plagued the South after the Civil War.

The company says the noose was hung months or maybe a year before the employee went to work there and was part of a joke they shared about committing suicide and "taking the easy way out" when their jobs got too rough.

UPDATE: Another Example (from GOPBloggers)
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) - Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA is guilty of sex discrimination by showing only men putting together furniture in its instruction manuals, Norway's prime minister says.
IKEA, which has more than 200 stores in 32 nations, fears it might offend Muslims by depicting women assembling everything from cupboards to beds. Its manuals show only men or cartoon figures whose sex is unclear.

Jonathan R. over at GOPBloggers has the astute obsevation of: "Arabs are slaughtering blacks by the hundreds of thousands in Sudan, according to the UN, and these Western louts are concerned with which group is more deserving of their politically correct right to not be offended."

Hillary Compromises Beliefs for Political Gain

It is amazing someone so left wing, like Sen. Hillary Clinton, so thursts for political power that she would do so much as to stand next to Rick Santroum, that bastion of family values and traditional marriage in the Senate, on an issue. Hillary obviously recognizes something that Dean, Kerry, and his ilk do not. Conservative values are American Values.

Hillary, who believes in the absurdity of socialization of healthcare, has been slowly inching towards the right, seemingly to attract voters that sided with President Bush in 2004. I doubt the American people will fall for her snake-like deceit.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Official Blog of the Delaware College Republicans

This new blog will be the voice of Delaware College Republicans on the internet.

Feel free to comment!

If you want to join, and you are a College Republican in Delaware, send me an e-mail.

More coming soon!