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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Democrats just can't get it right: Swift vets and POW's for Truth

This article is a Response to the Democrats and a continuation of A simple Response, defending the Men who served in Vietnam, were prisoners in Vietnam, and were either in the same boat as John Kerry, in the chain of command he was under, or POW's in Vietnam who were affected by his actions after he fled like a coward.

It is not just a shame, but it's also just plain sick that you are still so bent against the heroes of Vietnam. Note: It is not just the Swift boat veterans for truth... the website is also Swift boat veterans and POWs for truth.

These Same POW's were beaten and tortured in Vietnam while John Kerry met with Vietnamese Leaders while we were still at war. Now- I could have just linked up to the picture of John Kerry that's in the North Vietnamese war memorial as a "North Vietnamese war hero", but I figured it'd be just as good to give you the site that can inform you of anything you want to know regarding this subject. I have talked personally with some swift boat veterans and POW's, including their Leader John O'Neil... you should check out their site- you might learn something ... no- you WILL learn something.

Sometimes to look at the future, you have to look at the past. What did the swift boat veterans have to gain? Are they all flat out lying? Maybe if you investigated them- and heard what they had to say... did a personal interview maybe- then you would have something more to say than "they're not credible.”


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