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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

CR in the News: College Republicans learn about conservative values

College Republicans learn about conservative values

I was very disappointed in Megan Lehman's May 8 Community View column about the College Republicans organization. The College Republicans at the University of Delaware is one of the most respected political groups on campus. It provides a voice to individuals who believe in conservative values.

It also educates members about issues locally and nationally. We participate in many activities on campus, including panel discussions, meetings with elected representatives from Delaware, and community service.

College Republicans are conducting a fund-raiser to buy essential supplies such as toothpaste and soap for U.S. soldiers overseas.

The organization is the youth of the party. Their energy and enthusiasm inspires state and nationally elected representatives. Lehman needs to rethink her words, because College Republicans are leaders here at the University of Delaware and throughout the nation.

Italo Carrieri-Russo, President, College Republicans, Newark


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