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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fun-filled close of Semester at UD

The College Republicans at the University of Delaware came together to bid each other good luck for finals, to wish each other well in summer internships and jobs, and also to have some good old athletic competition in the form of Kickball.

Easton Randall, the current executive director at the University of Delaware and Kristin Murray, the Co-chair of the Delaware Federation of College Republicans headed up the first energetic team while Steve Spence, the current vice president at the University of Delaware Chapter and former chairman and current chairman emeritus of the DFCR led the second team of inspiring CR's.

All in all in was a very formidable game of kickball that would decide the winners of a semester-long competition. To date Randall's teams and Spence's teams had drawn to a 1-1 tie and this was going to be the game to decide the victors of the semester. As the teams warmed up you could smell the competition in the air as both teams got ready for a close match up with only one coming out victorious.

Randall and Murray's team jumped out to an early 9-1 lead really on the back of Easton Randall who at that point had homered twice, and a solid defense. That 8 run lead however would soon wither away. As Spence and Mapson's team would consistently chip away at their lead. The turning point, as agreed by many, was the moment between innings when Randall got his team together and produced a woefully sad "victory chant." Mapson responded by inducing three pop-ups to retire the side with no runs.

Fast forwarding to the Top of the 9th inning, light was starting to fade and the score was 18-16 in favor of Randall and Murray. As Spence's team got up to bat both Ryan Silberstein and Steve Spence hit incredibly long balls that were spectacularly caught by the defense. With 2 runs out in the top of the 9th, their last chance and down by 2 runs, Megan Burgess came to the plate with hope fading and many people expecting an easy-out. Megan however PROVED THEM WRONG, singling safely. Her single was followed by 2 more spectacular infield singles by Rose Overbey, the DFCR secretary, and Mike Selss bringing Jeff Mapson to the plate.

The pitch by Mike Stacey was incredibly bouncey, and the second pitch wasn't seen due to lack of light. The third pitch however was just right as Mapson kicked the ball deep and to right field over Murray's head clearing the bases in a THREE RUN triple! Silberstein then redeemed himself with a single and Spence homered to bring in yet another run. All in all the side would be retired with team Spence-Mapson in the lead for the first time all game with an awe-inspiring 6-run 2-out rally in the top of the ninth inning. Team Randall-Murray scored 2 runs in the bottom half of the inning but it just wasn't enough as the final score of 22-20 was shouted in jubilation by the victors. What a game!

More Highlights of the Game
  • On occasion, Mike Selss charged the mound to argue calls made by then-pitcher Mike Stacey. In stunning MLB-form he tossed his hat, pointed to the plate and kicked grass.
  • Kristin Murray was TWICE out at the plate on throws by Mapson that were deemed too-close-to-call leading team Randall to complain and ask for a "do-over."
  • Mapson's diving almost-catch.
  • Steve Spence and Easton Randall's powerful bases-clearing home runs
  • Mike Selss falling on his back
  • Kristen Murray's tag to a sliding Jeff Mapson at first base
  • Easton's failed attempt to catch a pop-up as he stumbled backwards arms-flailing and completely falling on his back
Also, word is it that both Murray and Randall, due to their deafening loss, must wear signs that state "I lost an incredible game of kickball to an inspiring team led by Steve Spence and Jeff Mapson."


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