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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Democrats just can't get it right: Stop Bastardizing our Troops

This is a Direct Call to the Democrats to stop Bastardizing our Troops and is a continuation of A simple Response.

Partisanship and bastardizing the troops are not the same... although that was a good attempt at political spin on your part- you are just completely wrong and take it out of context. Many people were against the war and now support the troops and realize we cannot just pull out of everything now.

However, when during these so called "peace vigils" you hand out Marine applications to all those who walk by saying, "If you support the war-go to Iraq." Doing so implies that all the troops that went over don't want to be there, AND that what they're doing in Iraq- building the country and freeing MILLIONS of people- that those are not amazing accomplishments, AND that they don't deserve every accolade from that heroism they're displaying (including, but not limited to, acknowledging that they're doing an awesome job, that there's significant progress in Iraq, and that what they're doing is in fact impacting the entire Region in a positive way by bringing Hope where it once didn't exist). Rather you work to diminish what it is they are doing in rhetoric that belittles them- YES THAT IS BASTARDIZING!

The College Republicans that stand across from you and wave signs- are not protesting peace- rather they are supporting the troops completely! Not in the way where you say "support the troops- bring them home", because that's not supporting the troops in what they are working to accomplish in the least bit. How is that supporting the troops in what they are doing? How does that- inspire them and help them do their job better? On the contrary, it does not. Supporting the troops- is not just hoping that they come home safely- and I think we can all agree (except of course, the liberal democrats who yelled at me that I should go to Iraq and that they hoped I would die there) that we hope that all the troops return safely after a completed mission. Their job is not done yet - and they need to complete the task- And we need to support them in it.

To say Republicans are against peace is insane- and we all know that comment was made solely for political gain and not out of common sense. Republicans, under Reagan and Bush ended the cold war, the countries of Eastern Europe and that made up former Soviet Bloc are no longer under a dictatorship- struggling in their ever aspect of life. They have freedom- and peace. However, freedom is not free, and peace is bought with a price- not by waving a sign that belittles and in-fact bastardizes our troops.


  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Madelaine said…

    I'm not complaining, but you seem to be letting democrats set your agenda.

    Let's see some originality!


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