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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Democrats just can't get it right: Another Dose of Logic

In what's becoming a series... this article is a continuation of the Continued Response.
The Democrats just can't get it right, here's another dose of Logic...

The Democrats asked: What is the difference between the Lebanese standing up for freedom- wanting the Syrians to end their occupation and the Iraqis standing up and saying "stop the occupation of our country" to the Bush administration?

First, Are millions of Iraqis saying, "Get out of our country?" I think it's funny (and yet sad) that you're so brainwashed to think that... but absolutely not! Millions of Iraqis went out and voted(that source is from CNN! -or is that not a liberal enough website to be deemed "credible" for you Dem's?). Those that voted actually want us to stay there at the present time because we're a force for good in the world: we're rebuilding the country, the infrastructure: water and power, along with schools and roads, all the while doing everything we can to protect them: the freedom wanting and freedom loving Iraqis, from the few terrorist extremists who want to intimidate them.

The Lebanese saw what has happened in Iraq, how the Iraqis finally got a taste of real freedom and the opportunity to vote. They heard Bush's speech, and when the Syrian's went too far, determined for themselves that enough was enough: finally feeling that it was feasible they'd be successful- if they stood up to the Syrians (and not be killed in mass this time around).

This Article details how Iranians and many other Middle Easterners (could this possible Include the Lebanese?) were "glued to their televisions" and that "underground groups in the middle east indicate that in the days ahead, Iranians will increase their civil disobedience against the radical Islamic regime through strikes and demonstrations. The Lebanese just... don't have TV's and therefore can't watch Bush's speech and get hope from it? That is both ridiculous and naive.

The Syrians have been Occupying Lebanon for over 30 years... 30 years. We Liberated Iraq from Saddam and have transferred power, elections have been held- and the Iraqis want us to remain. It's time to stop being blinded by your liberal ideology and the saddness you must feel after you got your butt kicked this last election, and start facing facts.


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