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Monday, April 11, 2005

A Joke in Kind

How Many Liberals Does It Take to Scew in a Lightbulb?

Let's find out:

1 to formulate an the idea for a government agency to regulate lightbulb change
3 to create agency
500 dedicated lightbulb changing regulators
500 to work at agency creating paperwork
15 to decide if lightbulbs fall under fair trade
1500 to pool together to buy lightbulbs for third world countries to sell at a lower rate, thus disrupting said third world country's economy (of which most people don'r have electricity
12 Feminists to decide if it degrading to change a lightbulb becuase it is housework or it falls under equal rights for women
10 to determine that major lightbulb companies are involved heavily in the WTO and must be protested
50 to organize protest
1500 to show up to protest
5 to decide solar power is much more energie effecient
20 to install solar power
3 to realize that still doesn't solve the question of the lightbulb

4199 and approx. 2.8 million in taxpayer dollars


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