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Friday, May 20, 2005

Help End the Obstruction of Justice in the Senate May 19, 2005

Dear Friend,

Right now, the US Senate Democrats, including Senators Biden and Carper are obstructing justice by blocking a simple up-or-down vote on President Bush's highly qualified judicial nominees.

Now, I'm asking for your help conducting a grassroots petition drive. The petition is simple, ask Senators Biden and Carper to give President's Bush's judicial nominees a fair up-or-down vote.

Click Here to view and print the petition.

Will you please help protect our Judicial system from political gamesmanship of Senators Biden and Carper and their Democratic allies by collecting signatures on this petition?

After all, it was Joe Biden himself who said, "everyone who is nominated is entitled to have a shot, to have a hearing and to have a shot to be heard on the floor and have a vote on the floor." (Congressional Record, 3/19/97)

Let's remind Joe Biden of his forgotten principles by collecting signatures on this petition.

Some ideas to complete these petitions include spending time at local grocery stores or shopping center, festivals, and friend-to-friend contacts. The finished petitions should be returned to State Headquarters in Wilmington by mail (3301 Lancaster Ave., Wilmington, DE 19805) or fax (302-651-0270) as soon as possible.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our party.



Executive Director
phone: 302-651-0260, ext. 3


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger M. McKain said…

    Biden never would have said that if the Republicans hadn't been doing the exact same thing the Democrats are doing now, only to a more severe degree (Bush's percentage approved is higher than Clinton's, after all).

    I wouldn't deny that there is some hypocrisy going on with the Democrats; I only wish the Republicans would recognize it with their own "cause." Not only are the Republicans being hypocritical, but they're now using their power to change rules that have been in place since the early 1800's.

    If the Democrats are "obstructing justice" by doing the same thing the Republicans did during Clinton's term, then the Republicans are committing an even more serious offense: abuse of power. The Democrats have tried compromise, but certain Republicans would rather try to bully their way into total control over all branches of government. Its time for the Republicans to remember they are not just governing for the 51% who voted them into office.


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