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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Campus Purse Used For Political Action

Corporations may donate money, but leftists still spend the money on most college campuses:

More recently, students approached the WRC about co-sponsoring a speech by Christina Hoff Summers, the renegade feminist author of Who Stole Feminism? The students were told that the WRC simply didn't have the resources. (Of course, the resources always seem to be there when the speakers adhere to the political beliefs of the people who run the WRC.) When the students responded that the WRC didn't even have to put any money into the speech--just lend its name as a co-sponsor--the answer was, "not interested." Christina Hoff Summers, you see, isn't the right kind of feminist for the WRC, because she isn't a left-wing ideologue. Tellingly, though, the WRC saw fit to sponsor a screening of Outfoxed, an anti-Fox News film promoted and partially financed by, the leftist political action committee that last year spent over $20 million campaigning for Democratic candidates. Exactly how a political film about a news network relates to the mission of the Women's Resource Center has yet to be explained to the parents, students and alumni who ultimately paid for it.

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